About Akenbe

Akenbe has been established in Rockhampton for more than 30 years serving Central Queensland from the Capricorn Coast west to Longreach.

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of architecturally attractive and innovative solutions to your shade, privacy and security problems for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Use our Design Expertise –
After all, this is our business, and we have a lot of experience in what will work, and what to avoid. Are you looking for privacy and security, protection from sunlight, or protection from wind, or a combination of all three? We can help you decide on the right material, and the right style for the situation, and the effect you want to achieve. Pick our brains for ideas … we’ve got a million of them.


If you have an enquiry why not give Rod a call on telephone No. 0416227633 or you can email Akenbe